Лучшие специалисты по трюкам и экшн-блокам любой сложности и по всему миру. От разработки концепции до полноценной съемки вторым юнитом.
О компании
Action Unit is an international company specializing in the development and execution of action concepts and sequences for films, TV, commercials, and music videos. The company was formed in 2008 by producers and stunt-coordinators who needed an effective mechanism to manage complicated action-packed film projects. The idea was to effectively cover all aspects of action production, from creative directing and management of stunt teams to settling all logistical, financial, and legal issues with the studios and production houses. Our clients soon appreciated the convenience of working with Action Unit because, apart from delivering high quality action and stunt performance, we take care of most of the technical, organizational, and administrative tasks associated with action filming.

Originally designed in Russia to represent the international stunt team Shadow Squad, Action Unit soon grew into an effective management company capable of producing action sequences of any scale. Our team covers all stages of the film production process, from concept development to coordination of work on set to independent second unit filming.

Action Unit works with leading international stunt coordinators and performers. For each project, we form a team of those professionals best suited to the specific stunt challenges of the project, be that fighting, fencing, driving, horseback riding, handling weapons, rigging, pyrotechnics, etc.

Many of our clients comment on our creative approach to action sequence development; our clear, detailed, and transparent budgeting style; and our high level of independent second-unit production skills. Action Unit is also known on the Russian market for actively bringing the best Hollywood action talents to the local film scene.

When we take on a new project, we always start by developing a detailed work plan. This helps the production stay on budget and makes the whole process predictable and controllable. We put special emphasis on pre-production, planning, and proper training and rehearsals with actors and stunt performers. Our goal is to make each action sequence extraordinary, regardless of the genre, and we are happy to work those who share our passion.